ASUS ROG Ryuo III 360 ARGB White Edition All-in-One-Flüssig-CPU-Kühler

(3x addressable 120mm radiator fans, Anime Matrix™ LED display, compatible with Intel LGA 1700, 115x, 1200 & AM4, AM5 socket, white)
Varenummer: 90RC00I2-M0UAY0
EAN: 4711081943273
Varenr.: 5782
  • The latest 8th generation Asetek pump is equipped with a 3-phase motor that delivers the ultimate cooling performance with higher flow and lower impedance
  • The ASUS-exclusive Anime Matrix™ is a mini LED array that can display ROG-exclusive anime content, key system stats, and custom animations
  • Premium ROG ARGB fans provide high airflow and optimized noise levels
  • Aluminum components and vacuum plating ensure high durability and exemplary aesthetics
  • The ROG Ryuo Series is designed to complement ROG motherboards as the heart of a high-end build

2.279,00 Kr.

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