Waste electronic equipment take-back

Waste electrical equipment may contain hazardous substances and thus endanger human health & the environment. Proper disposal is therefore required.
Please note to delete your personal data on the waste electrical equipment to be disposed of before returning it to us.
For you as a private household, the return to us and to the municipal recycling centres is free of charge. You can find out the addresses and opening hours of the municipal recycling centres from your city or municipality. In addition, you can easily and conveniently return WEEE in certain cases described in more detail below.

1. Return 1 : 1 - large appliances delivered via our contracted delivery logistics providers.

1. If you purchase a new electronic device that is larger than 25 centimetres in external dimensions and exceeds a package size that is permissible for us to return, you can return an old electrical device of the same device type with essentially the same functions as the new device to us free of charge in accordance with the ElektroG. The parcel size is exceeded for us if the parcel weighs more than 31.5 kg, the parcel has a side length greater than <1.20 m and a girth dimension greater than (1x length + 2x width + 2x height) 3.00 m.
2. If you wish to return your old electrical appliance in this way, please contact customer support.

2. Return 1 : 1 - large appliances delivered by parcel post

You can return old electrical appliances, with an external dimension greater than 25 centimetres, to us in a package with a package weight of maximum 31.5 kg, maximum side length <1.20 m and a strap dimension that (1x length + 2x width + 2x height) does not exceed 3.00m. Please contact our customer support for this purpose.

3. Return 0 : 1 - small waste electrical appliances taken back via parcel post.

Waste electrical equipment that is not larger than 25 centimetres in any external dimension can be returned to us in household quantities by sending it back to us. Please contact our customer support for this purpose.

4. Voluntary take-back: disposal of old devices at ASUS eShop

As a service to our customers, we voluntarily take back certain waste electrical equipment - over and above the legal take-back requirement - by agreement and dispose of it properly for you in accordance with the legal requirements.