ASUS TUF Gaming Capture Box

(CU4K30) Streaming Box (up to 4K, up to 240Hz, 2x 3.5mm connector, compatible with OBS Studio, RGB lighting, compact design)
Tuotenumero: 90YM00H0-B0EA00
EAN: 4711081147343
Tuotenro: 4630
  • Provides passthrough video support of 4K up to 60 Hz, 2K up to 144 Hz and Full HD up to 240 Hz
  • Enables video streaming in 4K up to 30 fps, 2K up to 60 fps and Full HD with up to 120 fps
  • Two 3.5 mm jacks allow you to connect a controller and a headset for the game console's party mode
  • The certified OBS Studio™ -Compatibility ensures optimal use on a variety of streaming platforms
  • The compact design helps you keep your workspace tidy
  • Supports USB video class for plug-and-play experience
  • The RGB lighting on the outside signals the operating status of the device

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